Sara Ruppel, Chairman
101C Wycliffe Dr.
Willow Street, PA 17584
Through the International Outreach Community Service Program GFWC encourages clubs to reach beyond their own communities and consider how they can make a global impact.  The International Outreach Community Service Program is designed to enable members to become better world citizens through advocacy, education, and action.  How can you affect change in and for our global friends and their communities?
Contact: Alan Kissick, Partnership Officer
1750 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: 202-887-9040
The 2016-2018 Community Service Program for GFWC PA will focus on Shot at Life, whose mission is to vaccinate children in developing countries to stop the spread of diseases largely eradicated in the developed world such as measles.  This Chairman aims to engage clubs to participate in programs to educate, advocate, and challenge their communities so as to benefit the important mission of this organization.  Some ideas for your club:
  • Plan awareness around events such as World Polio Day (October 24th) and World Pneumonia Day (November 21st)
  • Host a speaker from Shot at Life or other children’s health advocates
  • Encourage members of your club and their families to check whether their own vaccinations are up to date and get a flu shot each year
  • Have a Shot at Life-themed meeting.  Serve desserts, smoothies, and other goodies in shot glasses. 
1 World Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72202
Phone: 877-248-6437
Contact: Kate Merrill, Community Engagement Coordinator
Phone: 888-548-6437, ext. 8850
Since 1944, Heifer International’s mission has been to end hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth.  They have set a goal to help 4 million families, within the communities where they work, achieve living incomes by 2020.  This income will allow the individuals to educate their children, feed themselves adequately every day, and have proper housing, water, hygiene and other essential resources.  Clubs can help Heifer’s mission by:
  • Joining Heifer’s Community Volunteering program
  • Hosting fundraisers to support Heifer’s mission (such as the popular “Kiss a Pig” or “Kiss a Goat”)
  • Being advocates in their area to help end hunger and poverty
Contact: Bonnie Keuhne, Community Relations Associate
3641 Faculty Boulevard
Virginia Beach, VA 23453
Phone: 757-321-3208
Operation Smile provides safe, effective, and free cleft lip and cleft palate repair surgery for children born all over the world. Operation Smile and the GFWC have a wonderful partnership that dates back to 1988.  Club efforts have helped us give renewed hope to children and families around the world.  What you can do to help:
  • New for this year, GFWC has set a target goal to raise $150,000 to sponsor an Operation Smile medical mission.  A limited number of volunteer positions will be available (contact Bonnie Keuhne for more information).
  • Sew Smile Bags, children’s hospital gowns and No-No Armbands (contact Bonnie Keuhne for patterns)
Contact: Mansi Mehta, Manager Civil Society Partnerships
4021 13th Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98108
Phone: 212-922-2640
UNICEF advocates for the protection of children’s rights to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential.  The focus of the partnership between GFWC and UNICEF is to support and end human trafficking.  We are working with UNICEF on a project called “End Trafficking.”  Ways local clubs can help:
  • Host a screening of the documentary “Not My Life” (contact Mansi Mehta)
  • Host a bake sale with ingredients fair trade sources (a list is at to ensure your items were not made with child labor
  • Encourage club members to distribute UNICEF “trick or treat” boxes – and participate in the event themselves!
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