ARTS Community Service Program

Theme: "Focus On The Arts"



Arts Guide

The Arts Booklet - 2018-2020


The Arts Community Service Program is divided into two areas of specialization collaboration and Partnership.

  • The Collaboration area focuses on club projects that are inspired, developed and implemented independent of any partnership with and outside organization. An example would be the crafts contest throughout the state. In short any project that is done locally to enhance the Arts falls into this catagory.

  • Partnerships are programs and projects that a club carries out on behalf ot the national or international level organizations with which GFWC has a formal relationship or partnership. An example would be the photography contests where the rules and guidelines are set forth by GFWC.



All contests to be completed by the following dates:

  • Club Deadlines: February 23, 2019

  • County Deadlines: March 2, 2019

  • District Deadlines: March 23, 2019

Please Note: Each district may have additional contests in addition to the GFWC Pennsylvania sponsored contests. Any questions regarding district contests should be directed to your District Arts Chairman listed on Page 3.


Partners and Resources:

  • Partners are organizations that have committed that they will provide unique projects with their organizations that GFWC clubs can use at the local level. The partners are the American Mural Project and VSA Arts.

  • Resources are organizations that have information and materials, and have offered assistance to clubs to help them work in Arts Community Service Programs in the local community.


Anita Kiser
511 Brown Avenue - Milton 17847
570.742.7241    anitakeiser@verizon.net

Literature Contest Chairman
Karen French
12 Englewood Terrace - Forty Fort, PA 18704
570-288-9809   cell: 570-362-3130    aefkjf@verizon.net

Arts Contest Chairman

Anita Kiser
511 Brown Avenue - Milton 17847
570.742.7241    anitakeiser@verizon.net


District Arts Chairmen

Northeastern Crafts:
Sue O'Day
61 Koehler Hill Road, Scott Township 18447
570.947.1741 Q918@comcast.net

Jackie Corbett
3 Salem Drive, Laffin 18702
578.905.7528   zigstar10@aol.com

Marianne Heck
1429 W. 26th Street, Erie 16508
814-873-9603    m_heck@neo.it.com

North Central:
Cindy Troutman-Myers
581 Frederick Drive, Watsontown 17777
570.538.2353    ctmyers@ptd.net

South Central:
Kathy Gassler
631 Moose Trail, East Freedom 16637
814.934.1245  kmgassler@gmail.com

Colleen Hoch
835 Blattadahl Road, Mohrsville 19541
610.488.7439    HOCHJC@aol.com

Melissa Somerville
305 Star Grille Road, Cabot 16023
724.352.2604    msmelis949@zoominternet.net

Dot Hoffman
325 W Water Street, Saxonburg 16056
724.316.2104  tolebrush@aol.com