Myrtle Council Featured in Veterans History Museum of Berks County Exhibit


Myrtle Council, Past GFWC Pennsylvania State President (1984-1986) and active GFWC Clubwoman, was recently featured in an exhibit at the Veterans History Museum of Berks County. Myrtle was part of the WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) program in World War II, where she served as chief yeoman.

“The event was the 2nd anniversary of the opening of the Veterans History Museum of Berks County. The exhibit was of two veterans, married, of WWII. One Army, the other Navy.”

Myrtle Council

“It was very moving and inspiring to see my Grandparent’s uniforms, medals, and paperwork on display and to hear the other Veteran’s wartime accounts that day. These are ordinary, relatable people that did their part in the effort to make the world better for everyone. This event and display serves as a reminder that we all have a responsibility to help preserve the values of America.” — Heidi Kirsch


We are very proud of our fellow GFWC Clubwoman and dear friend, Myrtle Council. Thank you for your service to our country as well as your service to GFWC, GFWC Pennsylvania, and your local community. What an honor.

Thank you to Myrtle’s granddaughter, Heidi Kirsch, who submitted photos from the exhibit for us to enjoy and share.