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Staying Connected

Inspired by the them of the 2018-2020 GFWC Convention held this past June in St. Louis, Missouri, "It's Our Time To Connect" this chairman's 20128-2020 goal is to inspire you to STAY CONNECTED throughout the year with GFWC, GFWC PA, fellow clubwomen, and your community.

Remember, connectivity has its advantages!!

You are already aware of the many outlets available to STAY CONNECTED, in touch and up-to-date. Some of those outlets have become second nature to those of us who carry smart phones, use iPads or computers. Whatever form of communication you wish to use, always keep in mind that STAYING CONNECTED and up=to=date with GFWC and GFWC PA is essential to the success of your club and to you as a clubwoman. 


Ways to Stay Connected


We are very excited to announce that our GFWC Pennsylvania ( website received a makeover July 2018 - You're on it now!

Our newly-designed site will feature easy navigation and provide direct links to access existing GFWC Pennsylvania club websites. This will make it a breeze for potential new members to find a local GFWC PA club. Information regarding projects and programs, our GFWC PA Clubwoman Newsletter, forms, announcements, and Member’s Only page will continue to be accessible on the website. The website will continue to be updated to improve our online presence and spread the word of the wonderful things GFWC does. 


Social Media

FACEBOOK continues to be the number one social media outlet of GFWC and GFWC Pennsylvania. If you haven’t already, please LIKE our Facebook page. Remember to follow along liking and sharing posts that interest you.

This chairman’s goal is to occasionally share your club’s Facebook posts to our GFWC Pennsylvania page. Sharing your events and projects helps to spread the word about all that GFWC Pennsylvania has to offer.

If you already have a PINTEREST or TWITTER account, consider following GFWC and GFWC Pennsylvania! Liking and sharing works the same as Facebook with these APPS as well – it gets our name in front of more people and familiarizes your friends and contacts with our organization as well as your own. 


GFWC PA Clubwoman Newsletter

STAY CONNECTED with GFWC Pennsylvania by reading your quarterly issue of the GFWC PA CLUBWOMAN NEWSLETTER. Tina Warholic, our 2018-2020 GFWC Pennsylvania Clubwoman Editor, will provide information about submitting photos, articles and paid ads. 


GFWC's News & Notes

NEWS & NOTES is a free electronic communique from GFWC. When subscribed, you will receive a copy of this newsletter every Thursday directly from GFWC to your personal email account. How impressive is that?

To sign up, go to GFWC’s home page of the website ( and scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find “Sign up for News & Notes;” 


GFWC Clubwoman magazine

If you love GFWC do yourself a favor and subscribe to GFWC’s CLUBWOMAN MAGAZINE. Published bi-monthly – 6 times per year – it’s a beautifully done, highly useful publication mailed directly to your home or office. For the subscription price of only $12 annually you will STAY CONNECTED with all things GFWC. 

To subscribe on-line visit the Marketplace or call 800-443-4392. Trust me, after perusing a copy of the magazine you will be inspired to share your club’s successful event or out-reach program — no worries because submitting articles to this publication is a piece of cake!

Volunteers in Action articles from local clubs can be submitted to the magazine via email (150-200 word limit). Simply email your digital files to and be sure to include as much information as possible.

Submitting photos: When it comes to file size, bigger is always better. Web and print utilize different optimal resolutions (72 dpi for web, 300 dpi for print). You can always size down, but you can’t size up without affect-ing image quality. As a rule of thumb, always submit your images at the highest resolution and file size pos-sible. Can things get any easier? 


Make The Connection

Communicate your club's goals, projects, and accomplishments. 

Create an online presence with an up-to-date website and active social media accounts. 

Get to know the contact person responsible for club & community news for your local newspapers & other news outlets. Consider inviting them to a club meeting. 

A press release is the best way to share information with the media about an event, CSP, or an upcoming fundraiser. 

GFWC PA clubwomen are making a significant impact on our communities, not just locally, but Internationally as well. 


GFWC  PA Connectivity Guide

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