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Reporting Tips

Consider having a Reporting Chairman. The Reporting Chairman would generate a report after a project is completed taking the information from the Project Chairman. The Reporting Chairman would then write a brief report on the project with the information given. The Project Chairman and President must be given the opportunity to review the report for accuracy. Then the report is made available for the club President to send in to the state. 



1. Collect the volunteer hours and donation info while the event is happening, do not wait and try to remember a few days or weeks or months later! Sign up sheets are good for this purpose. 

2. Give the inforamtion to the Reporting Chairman to write a brief report. Her report should include: 

  • Who - how many volunteers and volunteer hours
  • What - describe the event (was it a dance, flea market, etc)
  • When - time of year
  • Where - location the event took place
  • Why - what is the reason for choosing this project
  • How - the money will be used and the number of people that will be affected by this project



The State Program Chairman who will be reading your report was not at your event and will not know the history behind your project. If it is a longstanding annual project, a few sentences to describe the history will be helpful. They will have many reports to read, but if it helps them to understand the project, include a few sentences for explanation. 

The beauty of our organization is that we all work together on our projects and make a tremendous impact. If reporting was a shared responsibility, it is not an overwhelming task. If the Reporting Chairman was not able to help in any other way with the project, but she wrote up the final report, then she is providing a very valuable service for the club. She will also feel a sense of accomplishment and worth, and how great is that?

If you do not have a Reporting Chairman, then how about a reporting party? A bottle or two of wine can sweeten the deal, but after the reports are written! 

A member that has nothing to do probably feels she has nothing to offer. 


Glossary of Reporting Terms

Community Service Programs: The programs and projects members initiate and participate in to serve their communities - they do not include statistics that relate to GFWC Partners. 

Special Projects: The programs and projects GFWC members participate in to enable club members to educate, advocate, and engage in issues concerning Domestic Violence and the well-being of children. 

Advancement Areas: Programs and Projects GFWC members participate in to promote specific issues, their mission and its activities to both club members and the community. 

Partnership Projects: The Organizations listed within each GFWC Program and Special Project area with whom GFWC has established a formal relationship and mutual understanding. The organizations are listed on the GFWC website and on our website under Partners

Number of Projects: The numerical account of the programs and projects initiated and participated in by the clubs in your state. 

Volunteer Hours: The amount of time tha tmembers worked on club approved programs and projects. Remember to multiply the umber of members working on the project by the number of hours. (If 5 members participate for 1 hour - that is 5 hours total).

Dollars Donated: The monetary amount given to programs and projects.

In-Kind Donation: Reflect the monetary value for goods provided to programs and projects. Refer to the GFWC IN Kind Donation Guide for estimated values. 

Dollars Spent: Costs incurred by members, clubs, or State Federations to achieve Advancement Area goals.

Dollars Raised: Reflects the dollars earned from fundraising and development programs and projects.

 Narrative: A written account of what the program and/or project entailed - the WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHERE. This helps relate the details to how the project impacted the community. 

GFWC Report Form: A statistical report form issued by GFWC PA (in a special mailing) to record statistical information on the programs/projects completed by the club for 2018.

Reporting Period: The annual reporting period runs January 1 - December 31

Awards: These are certificates given by the GFWC PA State Chairman at the annual convention or by GFWC at the annul International Convention. Partnership awards may also be given. 

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