State Officers' Full Biography



Linda Young has been an active member of the Abington Heights Civic League, Inc. since 1974, having served as Club President for two two-year non-consecutive terms as well as holding most other club offices and Board positions.  She is currently Membership Co-Chairman.

Linda has served GFWC Pennsylvania as follows: Northeastern District Director 2006-2008, GFWC Pennsylvania Secretary 2010-2012; 2009 State Convention Vice Chairman, Junior Special Project: Advocates for Children 2009-2010,  Home Life CSP Chairman 2014-2016, Bylaws Committee Member 2012-2014.  She currently serves GFWC Pennsylvania as GFWC Special Project Domestic Violence Co-Chairman and Northeastern District Leadership Chairman.

Linda served GFWC as 2007 GFWC Convention Junior/General Luncheon Chairman. 

In 2011 Linda was nominated by her club for the GFWC Jennie Award.  She was selected as the GFWC Pennsylvania Jennie Award recipient and in 2012 went on to be selected as the Middle Atlantic Region Jennie Award winner, making her one of eight GFWC Jennie Award winners.

Linda owned a retail business for many years and in 1998 retired after 15 years as the Controller of The Country Club of Scranton.  She assisted her husband in the operation of the Lawrence E. Young Funeral Home until his death in 2009.  June 2017 saw the 8th Annual Forever Young Kid’s Fishing Derby, a free event which Linda organized in memory of her husband.  From community sponsors the derby has donated $18,000 back to the park which hosts it. In July 2017 Linda oversaw the construction of the Hillside Park Memory Garden which she will continue next summer.

Linda is a member and Elder of the First Presbyterian Church of Clarks Summit.  She served as Chairman of the Church’s Centennial in 2011 and serves on the Finance Committee.   She enjoys needlework, crafts and gardening.  Linda has 2 (two) daughters and 2 sets of twin grandsons.  She lives in Clarks Summit sharing a home with her daughter Tammi and her 17 year old twin grandsons.